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Spa Center Bad Hofgastein

Spa Center Bad Hofgastein

The Bad Hofgastein spa center in Salzburg was designed as a resort in the mountains and offers 32,000 square meters of unrestricted bathing pleasure in the Gastein thermal water. The inert gas radon, which is available on prescription, is extracted from this water in advance so that it can be used in the attached spa center (under medical supervision) for its curative effects. Under the direction of Dr. Wolfgang Foisner, the spa center combines medical expertise with the relaxing offers of a thermal spa.


Building: Spa Center Bad Hofgastein
City: Salzburg, Austria
Date: January 2021
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: Ing. August Lengauer GmbH & Co. KG
Preseal leakage: 312,9 l/s
Postseal leakage: 12,9 l/s
Reduction of leakage: 96,9%


After several years of operation, the operators of the ventilation system in the Bad Hofgastein spa center were subsequently required to comply with the regulations according to the hospital standard (ÖNorm - H6020). In addition to replacing the central ventilation unit and cleaning the air duct system, this also meant that the entire air duct system had to comply with at least tightness class C (= 0.67 % leakage rate). Since this could not be achieved with a leakage rate of 312.9 l/s, Aeroseal Austria GmbH was contracted to seal and refurbish the existing ventilation system.

Before sealing the system, Ing. August Lengauer GmbH & Co. KG removed the old central ventilation unit. HBL Haidinger cleaned all air ducts connected to the ventilation unit. Subsequently, Aeroseal Austria GmbH closed all open air ducts with sheet metal plates. The openings of the weather protection grilles of the ODA and EHA ducts as well as the air outlets in the rooms were also sealed. Finally, the sealing unit was installed in the ventilation center and connected to all lines (outdoor air, SUP, EHA and exhaust air). The sealing itself, as well as the cleaning, was then carried out from 7 p.m. so that the neighboring rooms could be used undisturbed during the day. Within a short period of time, sealing with the Aeroseal process reduced the leakage rate of the entire air duct system by almost 96 % to only 12.9 l/s, thus achieving tightness class D (and not just C) for all air ducts.