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Donau Center

The Donau Zentrum Wien is a shopping center in the 22nd district of Vienna Donaustadt. Together with the Donau Plex, which is connected to the Donau Zentrum, it is the largest shopping and entertainment center in Vienna. Built in 1975 with 22,800 m², the current sales area is 100,750 m² and accommodates over 260 retail, gastronomy and entertainment businesses. In 2019 the part of Donau Zent-rum known as Donau Plex was extensively modernized and equipped with new restaurants.


Building: Donau Center
City: Vienna, Austria
Date: 2020
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: Herbsthofer GmbH
Preseal leakage: 534,3 l/s at 300Pa
Postseal leakage: 2,2 l/s at 300Pa
Reduction of leakage: 99,6%


In the course of the modernization of the Donau Zentrum and the construction of new restaurant areas, the four exhaust air pipes leading over the roof were also to be cleaned and sealed in case of leaks. HBL Haidinger carried out the cleaning of the existing lines and thus ensured that the fire load was considerably reduced, because the massive grease residues that had accumulated in the lines over time were removed. This was followed by a tightness measurement by Herbsthofer. For this purpose, all air pipe connections in the area of the roof valve gates were closed with metal plates and the measuring device, which can also be used as a sealing device, was connected to the four existing lines. The result: a leakage rate of almost 550 l/s. In order to eliminate this reliably, but without having to intervene in the freshly constructed building fabric, the Aeroseal method was used for sealing. Within a short period of time, the leakage rate was reduced by 99.6% to just 2.2 l/s, thus achieving the desired air tightness class C for all four lines.