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We have extended our range of products for you, so from now on we are offering to you software solutions to plan, order or manufacture air duct sytems in an effective way. With the help of our softwares, you are able to coordinate your internal and external processes or those of your partners and therefore you will reach an unimaginable efficiency.


e-klimaX is an ordering software for air ducts and molded parts which are standardised according to DIN 18379. By using e-klimaX you are able to order easily and in particular standardised at the leading air ducht manufacturers. You can generate an order, calculate the surface according to DIN 18379, calculate the insulating surface or surface for pressure tests according to EN 14239 through a one-time data input or by an import from a CAD system. 

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m-klimaX is the mobile version of e-klimaX if you are on the road or on a construction site. With m-klimaX you are able to order air ducts and molded parts easily via your smartphone. Download your demo version of m-klimaX at Google PlayStore. (Currently m-klimaX is only available for Android smartphones) 

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i-klimaX is a web-based solution for ordering rectangular and circular air ducts as well as fittings. Send your order using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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win-klimaX is a software for a productive manufacturing of air duct systems. Focus on the point, because order and overview about anything else are an essential part of win-klimaX. Besides the obvious features we ensure that the daily business is going faster, easier and especially without failures.  

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