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e-traX – QR-Code tracking for your air duct production

With the help of our e-traX software module, you know at all times where the individual components from an order are located or what production status they currently fulfill. Even when shipping the individual components, you never lose track of them and should a component from another order be found among the scanned components, you will be informed immediately.


How does e-traX work?

Below you can see how our QR code tracking solution can be used in an air duct production. Since the individual steps as well as the number of steps can be freely defined by you, this is only an example.

Scan 1 – Apply labels

The component created in win-klimaX is cut out, labelled and recorded using a hand-held scanner.

Scan 2 – Producing components

The component gets scanned at the seam closing machine

Scan 3 – Final inspection

The duct piece or molded part has been produced and is registered by the final inspection using a hand-held scanner.

Scan 4 – Shipping control

The components are ready for delivery and are scanned one last time at the packing check. Here a check is made to ensure that all components of the order have been produced and that they will also be transported to the construction site.

e-traX – Dashboard

You can see the current status and progress of each job on a simple dashboard. So you never lose track of what's going on.



Do you already know our short video clip about e-traX?


Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Each checkpoint is defined individually according to your specifications
  • The status of each component can be recorded with the help of hand scanners
  • You can check the current status of each component in your production quickly and easily
  • The overall progress of the order can be viewed at any time in win-klimaX.
  • With the help of the control points your employees can see whether all components have passed the shipping/final inspection
  • e-traX does not require a separate application - it is simply integrated into your existing win-klimaX.
  • With the help of an overview, you can view the status of an order at any time via smart TV or on your PC. You can follow the current status of each component, you can stream the e-traX dashboard to a smart TV or conveniently on the Computer.