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Office building "YOU"

Office building "YOU"

The air duct systems of this new construction office building are mostly rectangular, highly branched, relatively flat and mounted behind a drop ceiling with a height of only 30 cm. Tightness tests showed the average leakage of the duct systems was about 2,5 x air tightness class A. When starting the work, all duct work was ready installed and the drop ceilings and overhead heating made an all-around access to the duct work impossible. It was in this context, that the French MEZ-AEROSEAL partner SOGESTFA was charged with the sealing of the duct systems, in order to reach an air tightness class B.


Building: Office building "YOU"
City: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Date: 28 - 30 December 2015 and 11 to 15 January 2016
Target: Air tightness class B
Preseal leakage: 204,7 l/s on average
Postseal leakage: 24,1 l/s on average
Reduction of leakage: 88,2% on average


Within a total project time of 8 days, the air duct systems were prepared (closure of outlets, etc), sealed with 17 injections and put back into the original state. The surfaces of the air duct systems were in between 27 and 161 m2, the lengths between 30 and 60 m. The air duct systems are mostly rectangular. The outlets are connected to the rectangular ducts with sound insulating, flexible tubes.

The customer ITV was very pleased that air tightness class B was reached by the use of MEZ-AEROSEAL. The sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL made a dismantling of ceilings and overhead heating unneccessary and prevented additional delay in the building site's time schedule. Moreover, the cost of the application of MEZ-AEROSEAL was well below the cost for the removal of the existing structures and the manual sealing of the duct work.