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As your specialist for air control systems, we are active for you with software solutions, products and services for the effective planning, manufacture, installation and maintenance of air control systems. With numerous innovations and Swabian inventive talent, we influence and change our industry then and now. Your requirements are our motivation. Our team and our passion for material, energy and time form the basis for our daily striving and acting - for over 140 years.



Software solutions for the planning, ordering and production of air ducts


With our software solutions you have the possibility to digitalise and perfectly coordinate all processes of the value-added chain in ventilation construction. The complementary modules enable you to plan, order, produce and post-process square and round air duct components efficiently and without errors.



Enter and order rectangular and circular air duct components quickly, easily and without much previous knowledge of the software. No matter whether it is a large or small order, with just a few clicks the order is entered and then sent by e-mail to your desired supplier.


Enter and order your circular and rectangular air duct components easily on the road or directly from the construction site. The intuitive interface of the Android app allows you to enter components, select suppliers and send orders with just a few clicks.


This web-based application enables you to order air duct components in a standardised way using almost any Internet-capable terminal device. No software installation is required.


Our software for manufacturing supports you in many processes and areas of your production. This enables you to concentrate on the essentials, because overview and order in win-klimaX are created by itself.



Products for better air duct systems


MEZ-FLANGE-SYSTEME, also known as SBM for short, guarantee you process reliability from production to assembly of your air duct components.

MEZ-SYSTEMS, such as kits for the production of weather protection grilles, multi-leaf dampers or flexible connecting pieces, complement your production program perfectly.

MEZ-CHEMIE offers you maximum security with regard to tightness, resistance and hygiene from the production to the operation of your ventilation system. Sealants such as MEZ-PLAST 580 or MEZ-BLUEMASTIC-GEL have stood for top quality for over 40 years.

Our product range MEZ-MONTAGE is precisely tailored to your installation requirements and includes rail systems such as MEZ-DUCTSUPPORT MS and various accessories for efficient installation.




Equipment for cleaning HVAC systems and industrial pipelines

Ventilation cleaning

As the exclusive distribution partner of Lifa Air Ltd, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality products for professional ventilation cleaning, we offer you a wide range of solutions for your individual requirements. Our product range includes cleaning machines, cleaning brushes, various nozzles, vacuum and vacuum units, filters and various accessories.



The new air tightness class for air duct systems


Despite ever higher quality standards and the possibility of achieving tightness class D in air duct production with appropriate products and processes, air ducts in assembled condition unfortunately still show leaks of 15 - 50% and more on average. Dramatic consequences: Insufficient indoor air quality, inadequate hygiene, reduced energy efficiency and other significant additional costs in the building project caused by leakages.

MEZ-AEROSEAL heralds a new era for quality standards in the construction of new plants and in the renovation of existing plants. With this pioneering technology for the efficient and effective sealing of air duct systems, from the inside out, MEZ-AEROSEAL closes the gap between desire and reality with regard to tight and efficient ventilation systems.