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We offer a wide range of products for manufacturing and installation of air duct systems as well as ventilation components for your HVAC business. Our product development process is focused on three key rules:

  • Perspective of your planning department
  • Perspective of duct work manufacturing
  • Perspective of installer companies and mechanical engineering


No matter which of our systems you work with, MEZ-STANDARD, MEZ-CLASSIC, MEZ-SYPHON or MEZ-ISO-FLANGE, we offer a complete product range for efficient and economical manufacturing of air ducts.

Various additional kits and system-components simplify your production of air handling units, volume dampers, flexible connections or protective gratings and many other HVAC products.


We offer to you a compete range of HVAC installation and connection products for your rectangular and round ductwork sysstems such as mounting rails, duct clamps, duct hangers, wire installation and many special products for your ductwork, ventilation, air conditioning and air cooling jobs.


MEZ-TECHNIK chemical products offer highest quality and air tightness for your ductwork or HVAC component. Silicone free, heat and fire resistant sealants, cold shrinking tapes and various specific tapes as well as many other products fullfill all your HVAC requirements.