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What is win-klimaX®?

win-klimaX is a software for a productive manufacturing of air duct sytems. Focus on the point, because order and overview about anything else are an essential part of win-klimaX. Besides the obvious features we ensure that the daily business is going faster, easier and especially without failures.

Some advantages of win-klimaX®:

  • Graphic data input
  • Import of e-klimaX customer modules, datas from a CAD programme or Excel
  • Calculation of the surface according to DIN 18379
  • VOB-parts list, graphic parts list, insulation report, delivery note
  • Statistic: settlement groups, component, duct, edge lengths and many more
  • KlimaNest nesting
  • Workshop lists, frame lists, frame cutting lists, turning vane systems, labels and many more
  • Post-processor for plasma and duct machines (ESSI, EIA, G-Code, DXF)
  • Workshop and time schedule



Due to the integrated interface to all common air and ventilation technology programs.

Table of standards

Connections, seams, type of material and thickness will be calculated by tables. Those automatisms not only speed up the manual input but also allow you to use external datas. The mass of the molded part doesn't matter, the system will automatically select the right production method. Therefore the CAD-CAM process is easy and also without any rework.

Surface calculation

The surface calculation will be made through input or import. Currently the calculations are according to DIN 18379 and EN 14239 for round and rectangular air ducts. Insulating surfaces will be determined according to DIN 18421. 

Production module

This module within win-klimaX includes the preparation of working papers like for example cutting and frame lists, labels and CNC files for plasma and air duct machines. The whole work preparation and CNC data creation is done with a few clicks on your mouse.

The integrated workshop and time schedule helps to plan production capacities and monitor delivery dates. The to do list shows you all orders which needs to be produced. The workshop schedule shows you all orders in a scheduled sequence. The list with manufactured orders gives you a feedback about which orders and how many square meters were produced.

KlimaNest nesting

With KlimaNest you save material, time and most of all money. This nesting module analyses the individual contours and places them on the plate in the best way. Holes and contours will be automatically recognized and if possible filled up with smaller contours. You can allow the nesting tool to nest parts on plates with a higher thickness. You are also able to nest more than one order.



Why win-klimaX®?

win-klimaX is the all in one industry solution for the manufacturing of air ducts. The high flexibility in terms of in and output interfaces allows you to adopt the software to your operations.