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Energy Saving Calculation

Teaser Energy Saving Calculation

Find out in this exciting training course how energy efficiency and energy saving potential can be increased in HVAC systems by reducing leakage losses. Which regulations must be observed and how is energy consumption measured? We provide these basics and much more information in theory and practice in this training course.


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  • Basics for determining the leakage air volume flow on air duct systems in HVAC systems
    • Legally binding and technical regulations
    • Air duct surface according to EN 14239
    • Optimization potential in the geometry of the air duct
    • Test method
    • Nominal operating pressure air duct system
    • Target value for the test pressure according to EN 12599 and permissible uncertainty
    • Actual value of the test pressure/mean test pressure for the leakage test
    • Test pressure for energy evaluation
    • Air duct surface according to EN 14239
  • Electrical and thermal energy consumption for air conveyance and air condition change
    • PFan
    • PSFP-Value
    • Sensible and latent energy - Mollier h,x diagram
    • Sensible and latent energy - enthalpy change due to air treatment
    • Energy consumption as a function of operating time and load due to use
  • Simulation to optimize the operation of HVAC systems by reducing leakage losses in air duct systems
    • Simulation program AC-Opt
    • Simulation - Variant 1: Ventilation system with air filtration and heating
    • Simulation - Variant 2: Partial air conditioning system (Airworker Academy) with recuperative heat recovery - filtering, heating and cooling air
    • Simulation - Variant 3: Variant 2 with modified parameters for operating time and load


Banner Instructors

Wolf Rienhardt

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Energiesystemtechnik, Bad Birnbach

Jörg Mez


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