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Foto: © Wegraz/freedimensions

Between 2015 and 2019, a commercial and residential building designed by star architect Zaha Hadid was built in the old town of Graz. On a plot size of 445 m², it accommodates restaurant and office areas on the lowest two floors and 24 residential units on the other four floors. The special feature of the residential apartments is not only the extraordinary architecture of the building with its outwardly turned Argus eyes (bubbles), which allow the residents to immerse themselves directly in city life. All apartments are also fully equipped and offer the comfort of a hotel as standard.


Building: Commercial building ARGOS
City: Graz, Austria
Date: December 2019
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria
Executing company: Aeroseal Austria
Target: Reaching the required tightness class B.
Preseal leakage: 391 l/s @ 300 Pa
Postseal leakage: 9,8 l/s @ 300 Pa
Reduction of leakage: 97,50 %


In the course of the commissioning of the newly constructed building in Graz, it was found that the freshly installed air ducts were so leaky that little to no air was coming in and no air movement was visible in the individual units of use. Since a conventional sealing of the riser shafts was unthinkable due to the inaccessibility and the highly demanding architectural design of the building, MEZ-AEROSEAL was used. For sealing, the individual utilisation units were sealed off from the riser shaft directly after the fire protection elements and closed with spiro caps. In addition, in the basement, the individual pipes were separated from the main duct and connected in each case in pairs to the waterproofing unit. Within only one day, the considerable leakage of almost 400 l/s was reduced by 97.5 % to only 9.8 l/s. The required tightness class B could be maintained with a large reserve and commissioning and moving into the building was possible without delay.