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Laboratory building EBEWE SANDOZ

Laboratory building EBEWE SANDOZ

The main lines of the air duct system "Inspection" were sealed with Aeroseal in EBEWE Sandoz' production facility in Unterach/Austria. The target was to increase the energy efficiency of this already existing duct system. Due to the built-in high-efficiency submicron particulate air filter, the duct system is run with relatively high pressure. As a consequence, leakages have a significant influence on its energy consumption.


Building: EBEWE Sandoz
City: Unterach/Austria
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: Daldrop  + Dr. Ing. Huber
Target: Energy savings
Preseal leakage: 103 l/s resp. 74 l/s @ 300 Pa
Postseal leakage: 2,5 l/s resp. 3,6 l/s @ 300 Pa
Reduction of leakage: 97,5 % (Supply air with 114 m²) resp. 95,2 % (Return air with 140 m²)


Even though the ductwork was produced and installed without defects, and even though it had vapour proof insulation, Aeroseal technology could significantly increase its airtightness. After the sealing with Aeroseal, the limits of air tightness class D could even be exceeded. Both supply and return air corresponded to a tightness class A before the sealing. Thanky to Aeroseal, energy savings of up to 27.000 kWh per year will most likely be possible (electricity + heating + cooling energy). The air duct sealing with Aeroseal will amortize within only 3 years.