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Spektrum-Tower / Twarda-Tower

Spectrum Tower is almost 50,000 m2. It was commissioned to use at the end of 2003. It is located in the heart of Warsaw, right next to the Central Railway Station. Its characteristic feature is a panoramic lift moving at a speed of 2.5 m/s in a glass elevator shaft, which is inclined from the vertical by 14 degrees. Sealing with AEROSEAL® technology included two supply installations: NA-2 - floors from -1 to +7 / NB-2 - floors from +8 to +29.


Building: Office building
City: Warsaw Poland
AEROSEAL Partner: Energy Air Sp. z o.o
Preseal leakage: (NA-2) 3828 m3/h / (NB-2) 4769 m3/h
Postseal leakage: (NA-2) 87,5 m3/h / (NB-2) 145,6 m3/h
Reduction of leakage: (NA-2) 97,7% / (NB-2) 96,9%