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Digiplex Data-Center

Digiplex Data-Center

The Digiplex Data-Center in Fetsund near Oslo is an ultramodern server farm with a total surface of 4.200 m2. The two three-storey, air cooled buildings, have a capacity for 40.000 servers. For fire prevention reasons, the level of oxygen in the air is reduced to 15% (normal value is around 20,95%), which corresponds to conditions as found in altitudes of around 4.000 m (~1.300 feet).


Building: Digiplex Data-Center
City: Fetsund, Norway
Date: July/September 2015
Executing company: GK Norge AS
Target: Sealing of Munters Air Handling Units to air tightness below air tightness class D
Preseal leakage: approx. 18 - 70 l/s
Postseal leakage: approx. 2,5 - 5 l/s
Reduction of leakage: approx. 85 - 93%


The two three-storey buildings include 36 Air Handling Units (Indirect Evaporative Coolers). The air extracted from the server rooms is cooled with outside air using heat exchangers and the goes back inside the server rooms. The Air Handling Units have to be particularly tight for this process, in order to avoid that the air is re-oxygenized and that the DeOX system therefore has to run at its maximum performance. The leakage of the Air Handling Units could be reducted by about 85% in average. As a consequence, the DeOX system can now be run at only 70% of its capacity, which results in an essential reduction of the operating costs.