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Tight air duct systems

Limited access to the duct systems due to the characteristics of the building, leaks that are made up of many small leaks, and lots of other reasons make searching for leaks in the air duct system extremely difficult.

When sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL none of this matters. When it comes to sealing ductwork, MEZ-AEROSEAL achieves results such as otherwise can only be achieved in the case of very elaborately sealed air ducts. Due to the high efficiency of subsequent sealing it is possible to achieve or to be well below the requirements for air tightness class D, as per EN 1507, EN 12237, EN 12599, Eurovent or DW144 TM1.

MEZ-AEROSEAL lowers the leakage of air duct systems in no time by an average of 90%.


MEZ-AEROSEAL also convinces users by the rapidity of the sealing process since no long-term building is necessary and the building or building sections in question (eg: in existing hotels) can be used again immediately. To apply the process, 2 or 3 service technicians are sufficient - this results in reduced time and staff expenses and would not be possible with conventional sealing methods.

Increase of comfort and hygiene

Besides achieving unprecedented air tightness, MEZ-AEROSEAL also leads to a substantial increase of the level of comfort of buildings, since the heating or cooling loss through leaks is greatly reduced and thus an even distribution of heat and cold is guaranteed throughout the building.

Another advantage of the AEROSEAL technology is the increase of hygiene. The sealant meets the requirements of the hygiene guideline VDI 6022 and has no negative health aspects. It may thus be used in all building such as schools, hospitals and other public facilities.


Before and after sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL, the total leakage of the system in question is determined and noted in a certificate which the customer receives after the intervention. Also, the percentage of the reduction of leakage is stated.