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What is e-klimaX®?

e-klimaX is an ordering software for air ducts and molded parts which are standardised according to DIN 18379. By using e-klimaX you are able to order easily and in particular standardised at the leading air ducht manufacturers. You can generate an order, calculate the surface according to DIN 18379, calculate the insulating surface or surface for pressure tests according to EN 14239 through a one-time data input or by an import from a CAD system.

Some advantages of e-klimaX®:

  • 3D presentation of the components with rotation
  • Graphical parts list
  • Order by mouse click
  • Air duct measurement according to DIN 18379
  • Insulation measurement according to DIN 18421
  • Easy and simple input
  • No missing dimensions
  • Error-free input



With e-klimaX you are able to enter your graphical parts lists at the screen. The entered dimensions will be shown automatically in 4 different views. All parts according to DIN 18379 and round parts according to DIN 24145 / 24146 / 24147 are available and accordingly dimensioned. 


Oder your air ducts by clicking with the mouse. The parts list datas as well as the email addresses will be transferred automatically to your email program. All you have to do is to click on "Send".


Pipe measurement

According to DIN 18379 the calculation of the linear measure for air ducts and molded parts is based on the central axis of those. There the bows will be calculated until the intersection of the axes. That means that besides the pipe length, the molded parts are also part of the calculation. Molded parts are separately listed and calculated.



e-klimaX® Professional

e-klimaX standard functions + ProjectTool

All single measurements made with e-klimaX can be brought together to a total measurement by using the ProjectTool and can be send to your customer for review. With the e-klimaX ProjecTool you will generate a clear quantity survey in no time. 

Extensive filters and sort functions help you to work easy and clear and to generate lists with different sorts and for different groups. 

In addition you are able to:

  • Assign plant names (No.)
  • Assign specifiaction numbers
  • Calculate the insulation afterwards
  • Generate sorted/grouped lists and sum reports


e-klimaX® Commercial

e-klimaX standard functions + ProjektTool + CAD-Import

Air duct components which are drawn in CAD program can be transferred from the drawing right into e-klimaX and can be ordered with one click. Your manufacturer is able to start with the production many times faster, because he doesn't have to spend time again to insert the single positions. You will get your delivery faster and most of all cost-effective and you have a testable and a dimension which can be used again. Also the print out of the graphical part lists is possible. A whole duct section is resolved into their individual parts in no time.

The following CAD systems work together with e-klimaX:

  • pit-CAD
  • ESS KLIMA 2000
  • NOVA