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Cardiology Clinic Filip Vtori

The air duct systems of the newly built cardiosurgery "Filip Vtori" were strongly leaky, caused by the quality of the air ducts and their installations. Many rooms didn't receive a sufficient amount of air. Also, hygienically problems ...

Reduction of leakage: in between 93 and 98%
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia

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In Rapperswil at Lake Zurich a residential/commercial/hospital building is currently being built. The very high demands to air tightness were only just missed in this project. The intervention with MEZ-AEROSEAL helped...

Reduction of leakage: 72%
City: Rapperswil
Country: Switzerland

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Christian-Doppler-Clinic and care centre

End of 2016, there was a fire in the care centre of Christian-Doppler-Clinic in Salzburg. Supply and return air ducts in the affected area became leaky through the fire and had to be remediated. Since intense duct cleaning was necessary due...

Reduction of leakage: 97,5% resp. 88,4%
City: Salzburg
Country: Austria

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Maternity Hospital

The air duct system of the maternity hospital consists of rectangular and circular sections. Air tightness class C was specified for the duct work in the operating rooms and the technical rooms. Nevertheless, tightness tests ...

Reduction of leakage: 94,7%
City: Paris
Country: France

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Retirement home

The retirement home "Franziskus" was completely renovated. Some of the old ducts run and air handling unites were reintegrated into the new structure because of cost concerns. After the renovation, one of the reused air handling...

Reduction of leakage: 89,3%
City: Linz
Country: Austria

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Nursing home and community centre

In the new construction of the "Nursing home and community centre Ottnang", the kitchen exhaust and a second system, consisting of supply and return air, were sealed with MEZ-AEROSEAL. Even though the quality of the air...

Reduction of leakage: 88,8% and 96,2%
City: Ottnang
Country: Austria

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Ambulatory Clinic Domont

After several attempts to improve ductwork airtightness and after airtightness testing through a certified expert (QUALIBAT 8721), an average leakage rate of airtightness class A was determined. At the beginning of the Aeroseal ...

Reduction of leakage: 93,4 % in average
City: Domont
Country: France

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Hospital Wels

In the hospital in Wels/Austria, the fans of an air duct system built in 2002 were exchanged. In this context, the main ductwork sections were brought to the current state-of-the-art level concerning airtightness ...

Reduction of leakage: 96 % in average
City: Wels
Country: Austria

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