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AEROSEAL® - the essential part for achieving tight, energy-efficient air ducting systems

Leaks in air ducts, no matter where they are located, cause various problems and are often the reason for odours or noises in places where they should not be. They also have a massive impact on the energy efficiency of the entire AHU, so eliminating them is essential when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and achieving energy-efficient buildings. As different as the type of duct in which the leakage is located, the type of building in which the duct is installed, and the problems caused by the leakage(s) are, they all have one thing in common: they are extremely difficult to eliminate.

This is now a thing of the past. At least as far as the elimination of these leaks and the associated increase in energy efficiency is concerned, our AEROSEAL® process offers an efficient, fast and, compared to conventional processes and possibilities, also cost-effective solution. Reliably seal your new or existing air duct systems with our AEROSEAL® technology, eliminating your problems or nuisances caused by leaking air ducts and achieving energy efficiency that saves you money in the long run, and above all, benefits the environment. The use of AEROSEAL® technology also allows defects, faults or insufficient manufacturing quality to be remedied to a certain extent, so that no complete reconstruction or replacement of individual components is necessary for both already installed and new systems.

We have aroused your interest or you have further questions about our unique technology? Under Technology you can find out more about how AEROSEAL® reliably seals the leaks gradually from the inside of the air duct and what makes this process so unique. If you already have a concrete project, then it is best to contact one of our certified AEROSEAL® partners at the same time and let us advise you.

Take a look at our case studies or those of our AEROSEAL® partners and learn more about how AEROSEAL® was used in a state-of-the-art cardiac clinic or a server farm in Norway.



What makes AEROSEAL® different from other technologies? 

The AEROSEAL® technology is unique in its way, as it really only seals the areas that have leaks. The rest of the air duct system remains untouched and in its conventional state, and is not also covered with a type of sealant as in other processes. Instead, the AEROSEAL® technology uses the physical properties of a leak to its advantage by using the punctual pressure drop to transport the smallest particles of sealant with the help of the air flow through the air duct system to the leaks and seal them successively.



With AEROSEAL® you are relying on the leading technology when it comes to tight air ducting systems.

Due to its speed of application, low manpower requirements, but above all its efficiency and reliability in terms of sealing, the AEROSEAL® process is a clear step ahead of conventional and established processes on the market and sets new standards day after day.


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More than 700 successfully completed projects in Europe alone speak for themselves and prove that our AEROSEAL® technology has repeatedly demonstrated the high efficiency as well as the reliability of the sealing. With the help of the process, planners, plant constructors and ultimately also building operators or facility managers have been able to solve their problems in the long term, and at a manageable cost.




Over 50 certified AEROSEAL® partners in Europe

You have a specific project, have questions about the AEROSEAL® process and whether it can provide a remedy in your specific case? Then it is best to contact one of our licensed AEROSEAL® partners right away. They will provide you with advice and clarify all open questions together with you.