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Are there any environmental influences that have an impact on the sealing?

To get an optimal sealing result the humidity shouldn't be higher than 40%. If the humidity is higher, you should heat up the intake air to reduce the humidity.

What needs to be observed when sealing inside a building or room?

When sealing in a building or room all smoke and fire alarms as well as sprinkler systems should be switched off in advance cause the sealing process can activate those.

How big can one individual leakage be?

When sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL an individual leakage can have a maximum width of 1,5 centimeter. For wider leakages it's not guaranteed that the leakage will be sealed completely. Bigger surfaces should be sealed manually.

Which components should be removed prior to the sealing process?

Before sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL components like sensors or differential pressure sensors as well as other components which are used for measurement should be removed cause the functionality could be influenced by the sealing process.

Components like volume and fire dampers can remain in the duct system. Just make sure that they are completely open so the sealant can get through.