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More than 500 successfully completed projects in Europe alone speak for themselves and prove that our AEROSEAL® technology has repeatedly proven its high efficiency as well as the reliability of the sealing. With the help of the process, planners, plant constructors and ultimately also building operators or facility managers have been able to solve their problems in the long term and at a manageable cost.



In the area of process air, airtight air ducts are essential, as it can lead to major problems or impairments if the polluted exhaust air enters other rooms or areas of a building due to leakage in the air duct system. For this reason, it is important to ensure already in the planning phase that the highest requirements for airtightness are guaranteed during execution. Since this has proven to be extremely difficult with conventional methods and even in compliance with extremely high manufacturing standards...



Especially in areas where people with health impairments are present, tight air ducts are the top priority and indispensable. If bacteria, germs, fungi or other contaminants leak into air ducts and find their way to sensitive areas such as operating theatres, intensive care units and other wards, this would have far-reaching consequences for patients, operators and staff....



Whether it's a day-care centre, primary school, college or university, sufficient and above all "good" air is essential. But here, too, numerous problems occur caused by leaky air duct systems and often present operators and planners with major problems...



Leakages in air ducts, as in other areas, also cause considerable problems in the catering industry, impairments for operators, tenants, employees and, in the case of catering, also for guests. Often these occur in the form of odour nuisance, caused by leaks in the kitchen exhaust air area. Once the air duct system and the building have been put into operation, it becomes difficult to find the leaks afterwards using conventional methods and to seal them accordingly....



Nuisances caused by leaks in air ducts can also occur within one's own four walls. These can appear in the form of odour or noise nuisance, insufficient fresh air supply or come to light in the course of standard inspections. In all cases, the elimination of the problems and the leakages responsible for them proves to be extremely time-consuming and costly....



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