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Cardiology Clinic Filip Vtori

Cardiology Clinic Filip Vtori

The air duct systems of the newly built cardiosurgery "Filip Vtori" were strongly leaky, caused by the quality of the air ducts and their installations. Many rooms didn't receive a sufficient amount of air. Also, hygienically problems caused by uncontrolled air flows were to expect. The deficiencies of the ventilation system delayed the building's opening, so that the customer had to stay longer than originally planned in the old building, which caused high costs for rent.


Building: Cardiosurgery Filip Vtori
City: Skopje, Macedonia
Date: 09. - 19.11.2015
Target: Compensate shortcomings of the ventilation system and ensure the building's opening in a timely manner
Preseal leakage: Air tightness class A and worse
Postseal leakage: Air tightness class D and better
Reduction of leakage: in between 93 and 98%


The entire ventilation system of the building was sealad. The systems mainly consisted of rectangular sheet metal ducts with flanged connections. Due to the size of the building, ducts run of up to 120 meters length were sealed per sealing event. More than 500 openings had to be closed before this job (and of course re-opened afterwards). Thanks to MEZ-AEROSEAL, the delay of the building's opening could be minimized and the ventilation system now works without any limitations.


"Our hospital is equipped with the newest high efficiency HVAC systems also using renewable energy sources. So we cannot afford losing this efficiency through leaky air ducts. Thanks to MEZ-AEROSEAL we have now solved all hygienic, energetic and performance related problems at once. Furthermore, an additional delay of the building's opening could be avoided" - Dr. Zan Mitrev (Customer & Cardiovascular Surgeon)