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Nursing home and community centre

In the new construction of the "Nursing home and community centre Ottnang", the kitchen exhaust and a second system, consisting of supply and return air, were sealed with MEZ-AEROSEAL. Even though the quality of the air duct systems was already very good to start with, the owner wanted to make totally sure that no nuisances like odours and noises would come up in the daily operation. Especially in the case of the kitchen exhaust, only a very high tightness of the air duct system could guarantee that odours wouldn't spread throughout the building, since the system is located in the overpressure area in the basement.


Building: New construction of nursing home and community centre
City: Ottnang, Austria
Date: 25 August 2015
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: Ing. August Lengauer GmbH & Co. KG
Target: Resolve odour issues and noise pollutions
Preseal leakage: 19,1 l/s (kitchen exhaust) and 75 l/s (supply/return)
Postseal leakage: 2,1 l/s (kitchen exhaust) and 2,7 l/s (supply/return)
Reduction of leakage: 88,8% (kitchen exhaust) and 96,2% (supply/return)


The kitchen exhaust (starting point air tightness class C; total surface: 255 m2) and the second system (supply/return; total surface: 452 m2) were sealed. Both systems could be sealed down three times below the allowed limits of air tightness class D. Therefore, all risks of odour and noise pollution could be banned at once.