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Hospital Wels

In the hospital in Wels/Austria, the fans of an air duct system built in 2002 were exchanged. In this context, the main ductwork sections were brought to the current state-of-the-art level concerning airtightness with the Aeroseal technology. At the time the hospital was built, an airtightness class B was common in hospital construction. So the duct system was delivered as ordered. As part of the fan retrofit, the main air ducts between the air handling unit and the post-treatment-zones were controlled and sealed.


Building: Hospital Wels-Grieskirchen
City: Wels/Austria
Date: 17 + 24 March 2017
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria
Executing company: Ing. August Lengauer GmbH & Co KG
Target: Reduction of leakage losses and increase of energy efficiency
Preseal leakage: 642,7 l/s @ 1000 Pa in total
Postseal leakage: 24,1 l/s @ 1000 Pa in total
Reduction of leakage: 96 % in average


After sealing with Aeroseal, the maximum permissible leak air of airtightness class D could be reached (initial value was an airtightness class B; target was airtightness class C). Through the considerably higher airtightness, leak air in the amount of 2.225 m³/h (365 days per year/ 24 hours per day) can be saved. The redevelopment of the airduct systems amortizes within only one year.