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Christian-Doppler-Clinic and care centre

Christian-Doppler-Clinic and care centre

End of 2016, there was a fire in the care centre of  Christian-Doppler-Clinic in Salzburg. Supply and return air ducts in the affected area became leaky through the fire and had to be remediated. Since intense duct cleaning was necessary due to the soot particles, the seals in the air ducts were worsened even more. Before cleaning, an airtightness class A could only just be met. But the requirements on airtightness were a class B. Therefore, the suplly and return air ducts were sealed with Aeroseal from the basement to the roof.


Building: Christian-Doppler-Clinic and care centre
City: Salzburg, Austria
Date: February 2017
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: GPU Riedl / Fa. Winkler
Target: Achievement of airtightness class B
Preseal leakage: 105,0 l/s (ZUL) bzw. 61,8 l/s (ABL) @ 250 Pa (126,2 m2 bzw. 118,1 m2)
Postseal leakage: 2,6 l/s (ZUL) bzw. 7,1 l/s (ABL) @ 250 Pa
Reduction of leakage: 97,5% resp. 88,4%


After sealing with Aeroseal, the required airtightness class B could easily be met and even considerably exceeded. The supply air duct now corresponds to an air tightness class D, while the return air duct now corresponds to an air tightness class C (starting point for both ducts was a class A).