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Whether in a Michelin-starred restaurant, a state-of-the-art cardiac clinic, one of the largest server farms or the campus of a university, AEROSEAL® is always the right solution.

The problems caused by leaks can be as varied as the types of buildings in which they occur. For example, there may be an odour nuisance in a Michelin-starred restaurant that cannot be eliminated by conventional means. One of the most modern heart clinics cannot be put into operation because of leaking air pipes, which are essential for its operation. In one of the largest server farms, there are very precise specifications for the oxygen content in the air, and this can only be guaranteed or even achieved with tight air ducts. Or the noises caused by leaky air ducts annoy professors and students alike, making teaching almost impossible.

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  • Hygienically safe sealant


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In the area of process air, airtight air ducts are essential, as it can lead to major problems or impairments if the polluted exhaust air enters other rooms or areas of a building due to leakage in the air duct system. For this reason, it is important to ensure already in the planning phase that the highest requirements for airtightness are guaranteed during execution. Since this has proven to be extremely difficult with conventional methods and even with compliance with extremely high manufacturing standards..



In particular, in areas where people with health impairments are located, tight air ducts are the ultimate goal and indispensable. If bacteria, germs, fungi or other contaminants were to leak into air ducts and find their way to sensitive areas such as operating theatres, intensive care units and other wards, the consequences for patients, operators and employees would be far-reaching...



Whether it is a day-care centre, primary school, college or university, sufficient and above all "good" air is essential. But here, too, numerous problems occur caused by leaky air conduction systems and often present operators and planners with major problems...



Leakages in air ducts, as in other areas, also cause considerable problems in the catering industry, affecting operators, tenants, employees and, in the case of catering, also guests. These often occur in the form of odour nuisance, caused by leaks in the kitchen exhaust air area. Once the air conduction system and the building have been put into operation, it becomes difficult to find the leaks afterwards with conventional methods and to seal them accordingly...



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