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Newly constructed residential building

In a newly constructed residential building in Feldkirch / Austria, the exhaust air of an extractor fan was integrated in the floor of the overlying appartment. The rectangular duct's dimensions were 220/55 mm. Despite...

Reduction of leakage: 100%
City: Feldkirch
Country: Austria

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Multi-family building Effretikon

In a multi-family building in Effretikon/Switzerland, a tenant felt uncomfortable because of smoking odor in his flat. The tenant of the flat below is a heavy smoker and uses the kitchen exhaust air for smoke extraction...

Reduction of leakage: Average 96,4 %
City: Effretikon
Country: Switzerland

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Residential building Karlsruhe

In this project, the task was to "aeroseal" the exhaust air installations (kitchen/bath) of two big residential buildings owned by Volkswohnung GmbH in Karlsruhe (64 apartments in total). The newly installed...

Reduction of leakage: 94% in average
City: Karlsruhe
Country: Germany

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Residential building in Vitry sur Seine

When testing the air tightness of the building's duct work, the customer discovered that the requested air tightness class B was not met. French MEZ-AEROSEAL partner MapClim was charged with...

Reduction of leakage: 75,4%
City: Vitry sur Seine
Country: France

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