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Residential building in Vitry sur Seine

Residential building in Vitry sur Seine

When testing the air tightness of the building's duct work, the customer discovered that the requested air tightness class B was not met. French MEZ-AEROSEAL partner MapClim was charged with corrective measures.


Building: Residential building
City: Vitry sur Seine, France
Date: October 2016
AEROSEAL Partner: MapClim
Target: Achievement of air tightness class B
Preseal leakage: 36,2 l/s (corresponds to 2 x air tightness class A)
Postseal leakage: 8,9 l/s (corresponds to air tightness class B)
Reduction of leakage: 75,4%


The air duct system mostly consists of circular ducts of sheet metal. MEZ-AEROSEAL made it an easy task to improve the duct system in order to recht air tightness class B.

"Thanks to MEZ-AEROSEAL, the building could be delivered to the customer in time and there was no contractual penalty."