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Student Residence Vienna

Student Residence Vienna

The Spengergasse student dormitory in Vienna‘s 5th district is a popular place to live for TU Vienna students. In addition to approximately 20 m² fully furnished apartments, the dormitory offers rentable garage spaces, several common rooms, a fitness room, a music room, a sauna facility, a steam room, a bicycle storage room, a laundry room, an in-house café with a winter garden, several floor kitchens and an optimal infrastructure with many shopping opportunities, bars and restaurants nearby.


Building: Student Residence
City: Vienna, Austria
Date: October 2020
AEROSEAL Partner: Aeroseal Austria GmbH
Executing company: Direct order from the operator
Preseal leakage: 37,2 l/s
Postseal leakage: 1,4 l/s
Reduction of leakage: 96,2%


Due to the bistro located in the neighbouring building, there were recurring odour problems in the Spengergasse student dormitory caused by the leaking exhaust air pipe that runs from the fume hood across the entrance area of the student dormitory. In order to reliably eliminate the odor nuisance, Aeroseal Austria GmbH was contracted to seal the spiro exhaust air line. For this purpose, the duct was disconnected from the fan on the first floor and connected to the sealing device. The deflector was sealed on the roof with a spiro cover. In addition, before sealing, it was ensured that all fire dampers were open and the inspection openings were closed. The sealing itself was carried out by injecting a finely atomized sealant, which was passed through the air duct system together with the air and sealed leaks from the inside. Within a short time, the amount of leakage was reduced in this way by 96.2% from 37.2 l/s to just 1.4 l/s. The result: no odor problems whatsoever. The result: no odor problems whatsoever and air tightness class D, which promises low operating costs thanks to enormously improved energy efficiency.