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EPFL Lausanne

EPFL in Lausanne is a University for engineers and architects and was founded in 1969. It includes 5 schools, 2 Colleges, 1 Transdisciplinary Entity, 28 Institutes and 354 laboratories. MEZ-AEROSEAL was used to seal 3 floors of...

Reduction of leakage: 94,1%
City: Lausanne
Country: Switzerland

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University of Nanterre

During the commissioning of the installations (25 "chimneys" including 168 riser ducts made of Promat / caclium silicate), the customer measured leakages of 50% in between the fans and the outlets. After that, the customer...

Reduction of leakage: 92,2%
City: Paris
Country: France

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Nursery Les Ulis

The air duct systems of the building were tested on tightness well after the delivery of the new construction. The test results showed that the system were considerably leaky and that tightness targets could not be met...

Reduction of leakage: 92,3%
Ort: Essonne
Land: France

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Campus Institut Mines Télécom

After several attempts to improve ductwork airtightness and after airtightness testing through a certified expert (QUALIBAT 8721), an average leakage rate of airtightness class A was determined. At the beginning...

Reduction of leakage: 96.9%
Ort: Paris
Land: France

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Wifi St. Pölten

The WIFI building in St. Pölten had massive problems with odour nuisances at an existing exhaust air duct. A traditional sealing approach (manual sealing with sealant, tape, clamps, etc.) was not possible...

Reduction of leakage: 96.6%
Ort: St. Pölten
Land: Austria

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