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University of Nanterre

University of Nanterre

During the commissioning of the installations (25 "chimneys" including 168 riser ducts made of Promat / caclium silicate), the customer measured leakages of 50% in between the fans and the outlets. After that, the customer contacted MapClim, air treatment specialist and MEZ-AEROSEAL partner since 2015, to reduce the existing leakage in the duct work.


Building: University of Nanterre
City: Paris, France
Date: 18 January - 12 February 2016
AEROSEAL Partner: MapClim
Target: Reducing leakage from 2 x air tightness class A to an air tightness class B
Preseal leakage: 2786,5 l/s (corresponds to 2 x class A)
Postseal leakage: 217,2 l/s (corresponds to class C)
Reduction of leakage: 92,2%


The air ducts at University of Nanterre are made of calcium silicate. The building includes 25 chimneys with 8 riser ducts each. The surface of each chimney is approximately 50 m2. The leakage measured before sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL was 2 x air tightness class A in average. After applying the MEZ-AEROSEAL process, the duct work corresponds to a tightness class B even tightness class C in somes cases.

"We were very pleased with the performance of MEZ-AEROSEAL. Before the invervention, leakage losses were about 50% of the total air flow, and only about 3% after sealing with MEZ-AEROSEAL".