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EPFL Lausanne

EPFL Lausanne

EPFL in Lausanne is a University for engineers and architects and was founded in 1969. It includes 5 schools, 2 Colleges, 1 Transdisciplinary Entity, 28 Institutes and 354 laboratories. MEZ-AEROSEAL was used to seal 3 floors of a training laboratory, in order to remedy whistling ducts, draft and lack of energy efficiency.


Building: Training laboratory at EPFL Lausanne
City: Lausanne, Switzerland
Date: 03. - 05.03.2015
Target: Improvement energy efficiency and reduction of whistling and draft
Reduction of leakage: 94,1% in average on 10 air duct sections


The project included horizontal and riser ducts for supply and return air. The modern and architecturally sophisticated building doesn't have any drop ceilings. Therefore the leaky air from the duct systems could be heard and felt by its visitors. The leakage of the treated ducts could be reduced by an average of 94,1%, and the noise pollution and the unpleasant draft could be remedied.