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VDS Drilling screw 4,2 x 16 - VZ

VDS Drilling screw 4,2 x 16 - VZ
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The VDS screw 4.0 x 16 - VZ is a robust and reliable connecting element for screwing air ducts, pipes and other applications in HVAC technology in dry indoor environments. The screw is designed to displace material as it is screwed in, resulting in greater airtightness of the ducts or pipes. Unlike cutting self-drilling screws, the VDS screw does not cause metal shavings, making the surface of the sheet less rough and less sensitive to moisture.

  • Higher holding strength and tightening due to precise, cone-shaped screw thread design.
  • Special edges " grind" into the sheet metal and stabilize the connection
  • Easy installation without pre-drilling
  • Square socket for precise and secure installation
  • Hardened displacement tip and thicker head for fast and stable installation

The VDS screw is made of galvanized 102 carbon steel and has a metallic bright color. It has been tested according to DIN EN 12237, DIN EN 150 and DIN EN12599 and meets the requirements for tightness class D.

Recommendation for chipless screw application:

  • Attach the screw with increased pressure & low speed (approx. 200 rpm).
  • Reduce pressure as soon as the screw retracts by itself.
  • Then increase speed again to approx. 1600 rpm.
  • Immediately before putting on the head, reduce speed considerably.
  • Recommended torque for steel framework approx. 3 Nm, under 0.8 mm material thickness 1 Nm
  • Recommended torque for aluminum support approx. 1 Nm, under 0.8 mm material thickness 0.5Nm
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